1199 SEIU Makes Mercedes Narcisse Their Number One Choice.

Mercedes Narcisse is a dynamic, educated and caring working mother who has dedicated her entire adult life to improving the quality of life for all residents of Brooklyn. 

Supporters & Donors
Mercedes Narcisse is a dynamic, educated and caring working mother who has dedicated her entire adult life to improving the quality of life for all residents of Brooklyn. 


SNAP / EBT  Endorcement

SNAP and Public Assistance provide critical lifelines for low-wage working families, low-income seniors and people with disabilities living on fixed incomes, and other individuals and households with low incomes in NYC.
As Councilmember, I am committed to expanding access and increasing benefits so that vulnerable New Yorkers have a safety net that can help stabilize their families during periods of greatest need.


As Councilmember, I will: 
• Fight for more cash assistance and other public assistance to the EBT card per month to supplement benefit allotments that haven’t been raised in decades.

• Advocate for all Supermarkets/ Food Outlets/ Farmers Markets to offer discounts for individuals paying with EBT cards.

• Push for NYC businesses, such as retail outlets, to accept the EBT card for purchases.

• Introduce legislation that would allow EBT cardholders and up to four family members to enter all city cultural institutions for free.
Private cultural institutions will be asked to offer free entry, or alternatively to offer a max of $3 for up to four family members.


New Yorkers with disabilities are valued residents who must have access to information, training and resources to ensure their equal and full participation in all aspects of society and development.
They are our friends, family members and neighbors, many of whom face challenges that able-bodied people may not comprehend.
I will work to promote compassion and understanding of the obstacles that New Yorkers with disabilities must overcome.
She is committed to providing this community with equal opportunities for work, play, health, and success.

• Fight for greater access to housing, food delivery, and transportation.

• Back NYC ID cards that include a “Person with Disability” or “PWD” identification.

• Champion subsidies for low-income persons with disabilities to pay for improvements to their homes.

• Advocate for Community Development Block Grant-type (CDBG) of funding support for organizations and developers to remove architectural barriers from the homes of New York City residents who have disabilities.

• Expand Health insurance outreach and enrollment programs to ensure that people with disabilities have access to programs such as GetCoveredNYC.

• Push for disabled visitors to have free entry or pay as you wish entry to all 34 Cultural Institutions, plus free admission for the caregiver.

• Support discounted entry and memberships to all private cultural institutions/businesses (caregiver free).
And, clear any conspicuous posting, promotion and marketing of those policies at all boxes offices, websites and included in any promotional and outreach campaigns.

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