As a healthcare professional, Mercedes Narcisse knows first hand the challenges our community faces due to COVID-19 and other health issues.

She also knows that District 46 is a community with an overwhelming number of knowledgeable healthcare workers.

She will educate the public about how to access COVID vaccines, and other medical conditions that lead to poor health.

She will also increase quality healthcare providers, mental health support and create more services that our children can use to stay healthy.


Our community is losing access to safe and affordable housing for all.

While our community has a significant amount of homeowners, foreclosures are creating negative impacts in our district.

Mercedes will fight for foreclosure prevention education, initiatives that can stop renters from being evicted and increased access to truly affordable housing.

She will stand up to developers for the residents, and will push for housing that all can access to decrease the homeless population in the district.

Economic Justice

Mercedes believes that we must achieve economic justice to jumpstart local small businesses.

She will create initiatives that will provide support to small businesses, help to certify more MWBE’s and ensure that MWBE engagement standards are met.

Mercedes knows that economic justice is related to wealth creation and greater economic opportunity.

Criminal Justice Reform

Crime in our community does not happen in a silo, but as a result of a culmination of other issues such as housing insecurity, education and access to opportunity.

The criminal justice system, as it stands, does not envision inclusion of community and the resources found within it. 

Mercedes will change this by offering our youth greater engagement and opportunity.

She will make sure that appropriate personnel respond to emergencies.

She will fight to redirect funds from the NYPD Budget to fund mental health, education, and health care programs that can better uplift our community.

She knows safety does not necessarily mean a greater police presence- it can and should mean interventions by, innovation from and inclusion of community. 

Immigrant Justice

As an immigrant to the United States, Mercedes knows first hand the difficulties that immigrants experience.

She will work to ensure that immigrants feel welcome, safe and are aware of the opportunities in this city by protecting their rights through legislation and advocacy.

Mercedes will make sure workers who suffer wage theft have an advocate, and make sure all of their rights on the job are protected.

She will also ensure that all DACA eligible immigrants will receive access to their full rights.

Climate Justice

Mercedes knows that we must address our changing climate to protect our community for the present and future residents of our district.

She will ensure that this city meets its carbon free goals by 2030, learn from experts and advocates in this area and support legislators in the state and at the federal level reach a Green New Deal.

Mercedes also believes that greenspace in our community is important to mitigate climate change, but also create more green space for our community to use, enjoy and appreciate.

The district has not fully recovered from the damage received from Hurricane Sandy, and Mercedes will work to secure capital funds that will mitigate the flood zones in our community.


Our district, especially the frontline workers and the elderly, counts on public transportation to get to and from their destinations.

Mercedes believes that all public transportation must be reliable and safe.

She will work to make sure we have comprehensive transportation planning to ensure those who drive, walk, bike, or catch public transit can do so with ease.


Mercedes Narcisse knows that the pandemic has completely changed our education system.

Internet connectivity and quality laptops are now a requirement for our students to participate in classes every day.

Mercedes will work to improve our public wifi system so students and residents can better connect with the internet, and partner with non-profit organizations to increase access to needed hardware.

Mercedes will also fight for affordable childcare for all, and expand after school and sports programming for children.


SNAP and Public Assistance provide critical lifelines for low-wage working families, low-income seniors and people with disabilities living on fixed incomes, and other individuals and households with low incomes in NYC.


As Councilmember, I am committed to expanding access and increasing benefits so that vulnerable New Yorkers have a safety net that can help stabilize their families during periods of greatest need.


As Councilmember, I will:


• Fight for more cash assistance and other public assistance to the EBT card per month to supplement benefit allotments that haven’t been raised in decades.


• Advocate for all Supermarkets/ Food Outlets/ Farmers Markets to offer discounts for individuals paying with EBT cards.


• Push for NYC businesses, such as retail outlets, to accept the EBT card for purchases.


• Introduce legislation that would allow EBT cardholders and up to four family members to enter all city cultural institutions for free.


Private cultural institutions will be asked to offer free entry, or alternatively to offer a max of $3 for up to four family members.





New Yorkers with disabilities are valued residents who must have access to information, training and resources to ensure their equal and full participation in all aspects of society and development.


They are our friends, family members and neighbors, many of whom face challenges that able-bodied people may not comprehend.


I will work to promote compassion and understanding of the obstacles that New Yorkers with disabilities must overcome.


She is committed to providing this community with equal opportunities for work, play, health, and success.


• Fight for greater access to housing, food delivery, and transportation.


• Back NYC ID cards that include a “Person with Disability” or “PWD” identification.


• Champion subsidies for low-income persons with disabilities to pay for improvements to their homes.


• Advocate for Community Development Block Grant-type (CDBG) of funding support for organizations and developers to remove architectural barriers from the homes of New York City residents who have disabilities.


• Expand Health insurance outreach and enrollment programs to ensure that people with disabilities have access to programs such as GetCoveredNYC.


• Push for disabled visitors to have free entry or pay as you wish entry to all 34 Cultural Institutions, plus free admission for the caregiver.


• Support discounted entry and memberships to all private cultural institutions/businesses (caregiver free).


And, clear any conspicuous posting, promotion and marketing of those policies at all boxes offices, websites and included in any promotional and outreach campaigns.